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that i'm introducing and residential properties to voluntary assess themselves to fund maintenance and improvements to specify parkings in open spaces. this /hrepbl /shraeugs is modelled after our city's own [inaudible] many of the pieces of [inaudible] that we like which are including the ability for a local non profit board to manage and use these funds and a detailed requirement such as a management plan assessment engineers report, a local election and approval by the board of supervisors before a new assess /-pl district can be created. we all know that the parks and open space are the living rooms for our communities. they provide critical areas for family,
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/kheurpbl, seniors to enjoy or great city. specifically in the southeastern neighborhoods we are experiencing influx in [inaudible] to accommodate the new growth often lags behind. in our work on this legislation with the recreation and parkings /tk-plt we've also heard that there are a number of neighborhood groups across the city that may want to explore this possibility to -- we want to explore this as a possibility to further their neighborhood park maintenance program. my hope is that this legislation will [inaudible] property owners all over the city to afford the opportunity to /eupbl vest the construction of and long term maintenance amend improvements of parks and public space. the second i'm
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introducing is [inaudible] that makes findings of con convenience and necessity when we per met new liquor licenses. the board and the /hraoeupblsing unit of the police department regularly impose conditions only /kworb /hraoeupblss that benefit the department such as prohibition of the sale of single served sized beverages. pretty simple. it makes these conditions that are commonly
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liquor license. additionally it strengthens the requirements to loitering sign. [inaudible] impact of liquor stores on or neighborhoods and we've done what we do to in terms of zoning to limit the location of liquor stores, but by codifying these restrictions into the application process i believe were doing our best to ensure that licensees are being good neighbors. and i would like to request a brief
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[inaudible] nancy had over 40 years of experience in the insurance field. she worked for many companies, including our very own merry weather and williams. she was an expert in her field. while at merry wealther and williams she worked her way up to become the bond account manager. she surrounded herself with people who were positive. he was a member of friends making a difference, dedicated to aids
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patients. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. and today i'm introducing [inaudible] since 2006 the central market cbd [inaudible] the central market cbd board of directors a year ago in the spring of 2012 and i do want to acknowledge the hard work of the director daniel and really doing extensive outreach to our [inaudible] and expansion an they now have a 32.55 weighted approval from property owners so today i'm introducing the cbd's
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[inaudible] will continue to severable the existing central from market to folsom. just a note that there will be a second special /e /hr*ebg that will need to take place via mailed ballots to all property owners before the district can be legally renewed and we are proposed to create a final ballot hearing /tp-rb july 23. and the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor mar. >> thank you madam clerk. last thursday was back to work day and a know a number of /uls participated. it was a celebration of mayor mode of
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transportation in san francisco. i enjoyed in richmond. i think making bike lanes safer families has been great for richmond. in february i asked the mayor how he tends to [inaudible] to do so. we know that many of /uls ride and we know the benefits of bicycling and improving the bicycling network in san francisco leads to healthier
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commuters we can make in moving people in our city is in bicycle infrastructure. never theless the city is spending just less than one-half of one percent of cap -- 20 percent of all trips by bicycle by 2020. today we're think a little over 7 percent so we have a long way to go. i want to identify [inaudible] out of the bike plan. it's time the city walks the walk when it comes to funding bike improvements. less than half of one percent is not acceptable and with the
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mta's budget [inaudible] coming up now is when we can make these plans a reality. i look forward to working with you in bringing these plans to a reality. also i wanted to alert you all that saturday the 18th is our west side communality clean team with the department of public works mayor lee, supervisor tang and my office cosponsoring a major effort to clean up and help green our neighborhoods. it begins saturday at 8:00 am sharp at washington high school on 32nd avenue and geary. the clean team is a city wide program that works to /khraoepbl san francisco neighborhoods. they paint out graffiti, help take care of our
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schools, parks and community gardens. this events occur annually in every district in san francisco and they draw hundreds of /srol /hrupb tires to each district. specifically to richmond we're planting trees along the geary medians and there's a lot of weeding and sticker removal from 26th avenue. graffiti /ef /tporpts on balboa weeding and cleaning of the medians in the sunset. i won't mention all the great work happening in the /supbl sunset but if you want to help out feel free. merchants association is hosting our
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first annual sidewalk saturday and i really am appreciative of the waiving of the fees. i'm proud also that i cosponsored the legislation that waived these permit fees. we have a bunch of merchants that will be selling stuff and enticing people on this street. it's a great opportunity for shoppers to experience the wide variety of shops in the community. it's important to know that a six footpath of travel for pedestrians must be made for visitors. we encourage neighboring businesses to be part of the sidewalk sale and
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multiple sales [inaudible]. if there are chinese speaking merchants that have any questions they can contact my aid at 554-7413 for more information. we're planning a farmers market. if you have any questions about that talk to peter waterborn from my staff. we want to create a healthier community for everybody. >> supervisor tang. >> today we passed you
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unanimously [inaudible] today i am /subl mitting a request along with the [inaudible] to basically make a request to the controllers office to update a stud did they had released in june of 2009 that did a study on the office of the public defenders budget. that stud did study had include edd [inaudible] and other benchmarkings so i would like the controllers on the average cost per case of private council by the public defenders office. and update on how their staff inging refers cases to the ida so with that i
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submit. >> thank you tang. supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam clerk. today along with supervisor campos, we are introducing legislation to make focused [inaudible] address lots of retail space on a stretch of [inaudible] to control the proliferation and clustering of for decades this special use district has remained essentially unchanged. in recent years we have called for an up at a time of these alcohol controls to has worked for quite some time and consulted with the community to discuss what changes need to be
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made to ensure that these alcohol restrictions are reflective of the needs of the neighborhood. the goal is to provide flexible and to ensure we're not unnecessarily restricting creative [inaudible] adequate controls to protect against problem establishments. among other things only allow a new liquor ly /hraoeupbls not get a license to sell organic wine or beer. this would allow for
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transfers of license within the districts. currently these licenses can't even be transferred door. this will allow for bigger windows, ada improvements without losing their liquor license. the legislation finally addresses an increasing concern about full service restaurants on a stretch of valencia street. we are all very support
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supportive of the [inaudible] however this street unlike many other neighborhood commercial districts places no controls on conversion of [inaudible] require a conditional use and this legislation in a very focused way will require conditional use to convert a retail space for a full service restaurant. i look forward to the conversation about the needs of this critical neighborhood and iconic neighborhood, the mission. and the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. >> thank you madam clerk. today i will introduce an
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ordinance authorizing [inaudible] claims or litigation [inaudible] february 27 accidental break of the transmission pipeline on 15th. this was a major break that was severely impacted many of the residents in my district. there were approximately 25 residential properties damaged, including several properties that were red tagged or yellow tagged. for various reasons, many of these properties insurance companies have not responded regarding restoration of these properties. then be
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approved by a separate ordinance. this ordinance would approve an appropriation in 4 million dollars to be used for the purposes of coin settlement payments. the [inaudible] would exercise oversight of the settlement process through periodic reports through the [inaudible] committee. the city attorney's office will prepare confidential [inaudible] on the proposed ordinance that will
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provide further analysis of the city's [inaudible] the response date and the anticipated claims adjustment prospects for the effective properties so hopefully when this comes up you'll be supporting this /ord /tphapblgs. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i would like to call for a memory [inaudible] on may 1. he was 47 years old. he was born in [inaudible] china in with his daughter happy yang who had
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come here earlier. i appointed his daughter, happy, to the youth commission in 2011 and many of you have met happy at least once or twice here working on legislation here at city hall. she did a lot of work reaching out to the chinese residents. it was a very troubling time for her and they're going through a lot right now. i can share later where do nations can be made to support the family as well.
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happy was able to transfer her father to cpmc campus and he was able to get really great care. in fact, really enabled him to have a better time with his family as he was passing. please keep happy and her family in your thoughts. i have a resolution that introducing for next weeks for awe adoption without committee. this was legislation similar to last year's legislation that was pasted at the state level but did not make it past the governor's desk. we want to provide great service to families and elders to people across california. people who need protection to make sure they can do their work, are
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provided service and have stability in their job. >> supervisor breed. >> i'm introducing a resolution [inaudible] down the street in hey valley has become a model of invasion and urban development. the city sold it to the redevelopment industry. in the meantime the local architecture firm has worked with the hey's valley
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neighborhood association to transform these to provide venues this resolution will extend proxies lease until 2021 and will increase the present the city receives to 7200 per
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month. that rent payment is calculated on what a parking lot renter would be charged. i have an in me /phor yum/pheme where he was an all city in soccer and attended also university of san francisco and met his wife evelyn at city hall. he retired as city desafrancisco beme coupty clerk
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he held for 20 years. he passed away on [inaudible]. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor breed. seeing no other /tphapls on the roster. >> i think supervisor campos. >> i'd like to begin by talking about something that supervisor wiener has already referenced and it's something we've been working on for quite some time. we have heard the last year-and-a-half perhaps a number of comments about whether or not there should be changes to the mission alcohol special use district. the conversation that we began in my office, along with supervisor wiener in his office and along with supervisor
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kim when she represented the north mission. the point that we are authoring -- and i want to thank supervisor wiener for his cosponsorship is to make targeted changes to alcohol controls in the mission district in the way that strikes the right balance in looking at the various needs within the neighborhood, including the places like the [inaudible] district on valencia street. as supervisor wiener indicated, this is a way of making sure there is some protection and balance with respect to the /prepbls of
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retail space and businesses in that corridor. it allows to really level [inaudible] that already allowed those that are over 5000 square feet that allowed to sell alcohol. it improves the ability of current business owners to maim repairs and become ada compliant. there are individuals who believe the special you district should remain as is. it's strikes the ball balance
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between those perspectives and the needs of the [inaudible] i want to thank i also want to thank supervisor wiener and his staff for the work that they have done. look forward to the conversation as this goes to committee and again, i want to thank all of the members that have provided comment on this particular issue. the next comment i have is for luigi. his father immigrated to san francisco back in 1900 where he began an ornamental company where he told door to door back in the 1900s. i think the best
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seller was a plaster of paris doll. eventually he came back to san francisco in 1956. this time he brought with him two sons. together the family at that point founded a company fine statuary which is still thriving today. it is with great sadness to report that luigi passed away this year. this great business he started with his family. he was known for being an innovator in

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